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What does a sheep know about software and electronics? Well not much. In fact, I didn’t even know that they were working on electronic sheep until I just now googled “sheep and electronics”.

Software and electronics are so cool. Imagine, a hundred years ago, not even half of the homes in the U.S. had electricity, much less TV’s, computers, and mobile devices. Now electronics are so ubiquitous and small that almost anyone can create new inventions using them.

Hopefully, with the help of this website, I will soon be making my own projects. I may even design an electronic duck designed after my pet duck, Leo.

I hope you will learn along with me.

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Welcome to Woolsey Workshop, a site where you will find tutorials and learning material on a range of electronics and software topics, especially those of interest to the maker community.
We have years of experience with technology and we believe in the importance of life long learning, so we do it too. Then we share what we know with you. Our motto is "Learning, Making, Teaching", because in a nutshell, that is what we do.
We strive to provide quality content. Our articles may be a bit longer, but we aspire to not only teach people the hows, but the whys as well. We believe this approach helps our readers gain a better foundational footing for their own journeys.
I am Woolzee, by the way, a Valais Blacknose sheep and the Woolsey Workshop Mascot. I keep things moving on the website by making sure that people understand how to pronounce Woolsey (Woolzee) and by helping people if they get lost in 404 land. You'll see me in various images as well. I also work with legal, who wants me to mention here that Woolsey Workshop is owned and operated by Hamilton & Weston Holdings, LLC.
We hope you enjoy your experience at Woolsey Workshop!

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