About Us


Welcome to Woolsey Workshop a brand new website that provides learning material on how to write software and interface it with all kinds of electronics. Our tag line is Learning, Making, Teaching because that is what we do in a nutshell. We have years of experience in software and electronics but we are always continuing to learn and make new things. We want to share what we learn, the notes we make, and the support material we create with others interested in software and electronics. We also do a lot of research, so we will pass that on to you in the form of hardware and software reviews to help you understand what materials we use in the workshop and why.
I am Woolzee, by the way, a Valais Blacknose sheep and the Woolsey Workshop Mascot. I keep things moving on the website by making sure that people understand how to pronounce Woolsey (Woolzee) and by helping people if they get lost in 404 land. You'll see me in various images as well. I also work with legal, who wants me to mention here that Woolsey Workshop is a division of Hamilton & Weston Holdings, LLC.
We hope you enjoy your experience at Woolsey Workshop!

John Woolsey

John is an electrical engineer who loves science, math, and technology and teaching it to others even more.
He knew he wanted to work with technology from an early age, building his first robot when he was in 8th grade. His first computer was a Timex/Sinclair 2068 followed by the Tandy 1000 TL (aka really old stuff).
He put himself through college (University of Texas at Austin) by working at Motorola where he worked for many years after that in Research and Development.
John started developing mobile app software in 2010 for himself and for other companies. He has also taught programming to kids for summer school and enjoyed years of judging kids science projects at the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival.
Electronics, software, and teaching all culminate in his new venture to learn, make, and teach others via the Woolsey Workshop website.

Amy Woolsey

Amy is a creative go-getter who brings more energy to the table than a morning cup of coffee.
She found a home in the Technology Industry where, for approximately 2 decades, she developed innovations and helped other innovators make their ideas a reality. A few years back she made one innovators idea a reality by orchestrating the creation of a Maker Lab in the middle of a global corporation.
Today, her energies are focused on reaching a wider audience of innovators while expanding her technical knowledge with hands on electronics application development. She is a co-creator of Woolsey Workshop, a place of Learning, Making and Teaching.