Woolsey Workshop Joins GitHub Sponsors

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Written by John Woolsey

Providing people with high quality instructional material about software and electronics is my passion. I research, learn, design, test, write, and rewrite to create educational material that I hope you find helpful in your own projects.

As of August 12, 2020, Woolsey Workshop is a part of GitHub Sponsors, a tool that enables you to financially support the people and organizations like mine, who design, build, and maintain open source projects.

As a sponsor you will be helping us to continue providing quality resources for software and electronics to the global community. We would greatly appreciate your sponsorship!

Please visit our GitHub sponsorship page.

About the author

John Woolsey

John is an electrical engineer who loves science, math, and technology and teaching it to others even more.
He knew he wanted to work with electronics from an early age, building his first robot when he was in 8th grade. His first computer was a Timex/Sinclair 2068 followed by the Tandy 1000 TL (aka really old stuff).
He put himself through college (The University of Texas at Austin) by working at Motorola where he worked for many years afterward in the Semiconductor Products Sector in Research and Development.
John started developing mobile app software in 2010 for himself and for other companies. He has also taught programming to kids for summer school and enjoyed years of judging kids science projects at the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival.
Electronics, software, and teaching all culminate in his new venture to learn, make, and teach others via the Woolsey Workshop website.

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